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JerseyHi all you suupper duupper peeps out there my name is Jersey. Now I realise that the warmer weather is definitely on its way out and we are waving goodbye to the winter chills but I need to remind you that regardless of the weather you definitely need to have a “Jersey’ close by for those sudden changes in temperatures. Hehehe!!!

I mean when you are entertaining guests outdoors or just chilling at your home during the day with a cuppa and a novel you can’t put down or even after a quick dip in your pool – a “jersey” needs to be ready at your beck and call!! So here I am – “Jersey” the ever ready “super girlie” totally committed to make sure you have a “jersey” for all occasions and will be on call 24/7. I loooove human company of all sizes but really prefer to be the one and only furkid in the family. I always enjoy going for walks, long or short but am happy to stroll at your pace smelling all the new blossoms and shrubs and getting all the local scandal from the pee mail left by the other furkids who have passed by before us.

Whilst I have been living at Dogtown, which is a pretty amazing place, I have great caregivers looking after me. Honestly all my needs are catered for in the best ways possible and I have been taught many training skills so am really a pretty clever all-rounder hehehe. I go to the mat for my food and often have my food delivered in different brain toys which are a lot of fun and seem to make the food taste more yummy. Other times my food is scattered all around my little garden and it is great sniffing out all the pellets and just when I think I have found them all I suddenly find another one. How cool is that. I have a hound sleeper that I love to lie on and chill in the daily sun and my carer is really good and puts my sun cream on daily.

You see just like you fair-skinned humans we fair coloured fur-gals need to make sure we look after our complexions and don’t overdo those sun’s rays!!! I also have other skills up my paws which I would take great delight in showing you personally. So please come and meet me in person. Honestly I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I would really really like to have my own family and be able to just share all your experiences and adventures or just watch the latest movies with you and keep you warm and be your one and only “Jersey” forever.

Check out my full profile: https://barkingmad.co.za/pets/jersey/

By Joanna, Team Leader