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Jersey Girl

Jersey-6Jersey is my sweet heart who gets along with everybody. We use her as a calming dog, which means we get jersey to help us socialize dogs that struggle to make friends. Jersey a black and white staffie blend who loves to lie in the sun even though she knows that its bad for her and that I have to come and put sunblock on. Between you and me I think she does it for the extra attention but she acts like that’s not the case. Jersey lives with a short Africanis blend that always gives her a hard time, like a little annoying brother, His name is Phil. Jersey has taken it upon herself to teach Phil how things are done and how Phil should behave. Phil can be very stubborn at times but Jersey never lets that get to her. No matter how he behaves Jersey always has the perfect manners, when she goes for walks she never pulls on the lead, she always sits politely for her food even though Phil tries to distract her. Jersey is also great with kids, she has a really soft nature and absolutely loves attention. The only thing jersey doesn’t like is dogs with flat faces, she says they look funny and make weird noises when they breath.

By Andy

Jersey-1  Phil & Jersey