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Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.31.39 PMHey folks, I know that there are a lot of people in South Africa planning on emigrating. This is the normal ebb and flow of things when the politics and stability of a country are in question. HOWEVER, when planning this move whether to Iceland or Australia, please be sure to consider your pooches. Dogs and cats are not temporary entertainment; they should be part of your family, and integral part, as mine are. My husband and I were offered an opportunity to move closer to his family in the UK, and the first thing I did was investigate whether we could take our fur kids with us without them having to spend weeks or even months in quarantine.

Of course every country is different, and the rules around quarantine in the UK, is that they don’t need to be quarantined on either end of the journey… this in itself allowed us to continue our plans to move. I found a fantastic company Animals-en-route http://animalsenroute.co.za/ to help us. Venessa and her husband Paul are avid animal lovers and always had the safety and comfort of my animals in mind when giving advice. It is no longer impossible to take your furkids with you. Their flights, inoculations and clearance’s, work out to roughly R20 000 per medium sized dog. That’s what you would pay for your kids to fly with you, why not your furkids? My furkids are not young, they are both in double digits, but they are still our babies.

We started engaging with Animals-en-Route months before and the most important thing to note, is that for them to travel with no quarantine, you need to have all their shots up to date 4 months before you go. After their shots, it’s a month before they have their bloods drawn and sent to Onderstepoort for their Rabies check, and that alone takes 3 months. If you don’t do this, your fur babies will need to be held on either side of the journey which truly isn’t fair to them.

The week of travel was an emotional one, I was saying a temporary bye, to send them to their dad who was already in the UK. Rescue remedy for me and the dogs for the whole week prior. They both were fine in the carriers and crates and arrived in the UK and were ecstatic to see their dad. It’s been a week, they are settled and happy. Our only struggle was finding accommodation in the area we wanted that would accept dogs, so make sure when you are looking around, you are realistic with your needs of space. The home we found is perfect, we have about 5 parks and open fields around us where we can let them run free. In SA, we had to drive 45 minutes to get to Walk Haven, and now it’s on our doorstep. Pooches and dad are happy, now I just need to join them.

Please people, when uprooting your life, try really hard not to leave your fur babies behind. You don’t know where they will end up…

Proud mom of 2 Dogtown dogs.

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