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Jock – a work in progress

Jock is a such a loving dog who likes to go out for walks, it wasnt always possible because he doesnt like being touched and therefore putting a harness on him was not very easy.

Jock is also not a fan of strangers or unfamiliar people or even dogs. He does live with a dog called Max at the moment though but new dogs are difficult for him to accept. We are working on that 🙂

For me, taking him out for walks at first was a big struggle but he needed it so I started working on touching him with a target stick (only when he was comfortable) and rewarding him. Once he was comfortable with this, we moved on to a fake hand and lots of rewarding. Once he was 100% comfortable with that, I started to touch him with my hands and of course, gave lots of rewards every time.

This process helped a lot because we both started to gain each other’s trust and I was able to put a harness on him for a few minutes and then taking it off before he became uncomfortable.

Eventually we were able to go on regular walks without the harness being any problem. He really enjoys the walk and sniffs everything in sight. Jock is not comfortable with unfamiliar dogs and we are working on that too. We are now going for social walks around the centre, we give him a lot of distance from the other dogs so that he doesnt feel uncomfortable to have strange dogs walking in front of him and behind him.

Well this turned Jock into a star because he started to not notice the dogs anymore and respect their space as they respected his. He is now a sweet dog you can easily take out for a walk without any worries of him being grumpy towards other dogs aroudn him, as long as they always respect his space.

We are still working on his dislike of strangers, watch this space 🙂

**Jock is not quite ready to be adopted yet but he would not say no to a sponsor who can help us to look after him while we work on his quirks.

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By Patson


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