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Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.48.21 AMJock can be a bit of a handful when being touched, so that is something I have been working on using a touch and reward system. First, I allow him to touch me and then i reward him for every touch or contact made between me and him.

As time passed by Jock got better and allowed me to touch his head and all round his ears! As I took him out for walks I did a couple touches like zigzag on him and he didnt seem too phased by what I was practicing on him. I also did sit-on-heel training with him which at first meant that I had to use food to lure him to position, giving him so much praise when he did his first sits and treat rewarded to reinforce heel-sit behavior.

We are currently doing a a challenge whereby I have to sit on a chair and he has to sit next to me whilst the trainer has to come and shake my hand, Jock doesn’t have to move from his position. At the moment can sit but still stands up when I’m being approached so that is what I’m working on at present
Looking forward to better results soon!

As for touching him, it is no problem anymore! Until I bring in stuff like shoofly then friendship breaks hehee!!

By Patson, Caregiver

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