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JoJo’s wrap

Yo Yo folks itz JoJo in da house, not a frog not a bunny not a cat not a mouse.
Ima wiggle, Ima waggle, ima real life clown –
coz no matter what life brings you I will never let you down …

… oops sorry, thats the JoJo rap … not the JoJo wrap.

Let me try again …

IMG_0051So my name is JoJo and here at Dogtown the caregivers have all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas about keeping us furkids entertained. The latest obsession from my person is trick training, I dont mind, Im really cute and super clever so in theory, this should have been a breeze for the Joey Jo Jo (thats what I’m affectionately known as here by the way). This whole wrap business came about when my person started training with me to do spins (you spin me right round Joey right round like a record Joey right round, round round). Anyway it surfaced that I was not great at co-ordinating my back legs with my front legs and didnt quite know how to operate my hind quarters independently from my front …. Its not as easy as it seems you know!

But fear not, off she went to do research and consult with the other humans and when she came back to me the next day, she had it all figured out! When she told me we were going to be using a full body wrap, i was over the moon … I’m good at rapping (as you know) but it seems this was a different kind of wrap.

So the point of a full body wrap is to create body awareness. I was a bit sceptical but I decided hey, why not! So she started with a full body wrap which is pretty much self explanatory, then she went even further by incorporating a part of the wrap to go underneath my tail, yes, underneath my tail! These humans are weird. But then while I was working on my next rap (see what I did there?) i realised that i was more aware of the my hind quarters, where did that come from? All of a sudden every time I moved in the front, I felt a movement at the back …. it was very strange and took some getting used to but she distracted me with treats and we carried on with our trick training. In no time at all, I had it all down, I could do spins without looking like a frantic school girl with a spider on her shoulder. It all stared to come together. After our session she removed the wrap, which took some getting used to again but i really enjoy the attention so its all good.

Now every time its trick training time, out comes the JoJo rap, accompanied by the JoJo wrap….. which is a pretty good combination I think. Cant wait to show you guys all my super awesome tricks I have learned, once I get my brig break, ima be a rock star baby…. a rock star!

JoJo out!

By Wilmi, Caregiver

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