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Karma – take a chance on me ….

karma2If there is one thing I truly believe in it is second chances, and third chances and even fourth chances if that is what it takes. We cannot all get it right the first time but we sure as hell are not going to give up trying. My name is Karma and I think I deserve another chance.

Life has thrown me some curveballs over the years. I lived in a home where the other dog did not quite like me all that much and so they sent me to this great place called Dogtown. These guys believe in second chances just as much as I do. So I was waiting patiently for that perfect fit family to come scoop me up and take me home.

My stay at Dogtown was not all smooth sailing either. I found myself feeling a bit sick and had some stomach problems. But every down has its up! I went to visit our dear friend, Dr Garry Eckersley, a few times and the great caring folks of Dogtown put me on a special raw diet from Doggychef that had me feeling like sunshine again in no time. It was starting to feel like home around here. And then my second chance arrived…

A new family saw me and thought I was the bee’s knees. They only had eyes for me and I was all but ready to go to a home where I could sleep on the couch and get tons of kisses. They loved me very much and gave me a lovely home for a while, but sometimes no matter how hard you try, the puzzle piece just won’t fit into place, either because it’s the wrong spot or the wrong puzzle completely. This family was unfortunately not my puzzle.

So now I find myself back here on the Dogtown farm where the people love me and I get my lovely raw meals. I am waiting for my third chance. All of the furries here wake up every morning hoping for a second or third or fourth, maybe even a first chance at a forever home. That perfect fit. I’m sure you will come by any day now.

By Danel, Caregiver

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