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Keep on dancing

Spring has sprung and its already super hot here at the centre. That doesn’t stop us from finding ways to be motivated through the heat. Our awesome trainers have many ‘competitions’ on the go, testing us and our smarty pants puppies in every way possible. We have dogs specialising in everything, trying to tailor it to their strengths and make stuff as fun as possible. From Obedience to Agility and now we have started a pretty cool new challenge…. Dancing with Dogs. It involves a lot of trust and confidence as well as reading body language and keeping motivation high. You watching your dog, your dog watching you, waiting for clues to what’s coming next.

This is definitely something you should try at home!
What’s really cool is you can use thing your dog already knows and link up all his cute behaviours like rolling over or giving a high 5, all to a good tune. I’ve chosen Bruno Mars song – Lazy, not because Chummy is lazy but he does like to spend the hotter times of the day snoozing and despite the song’s title its a pretty up beat tune. Watch this space, because when competition time comes I’m pretty sure a video of our efforts will be coming soon.

By Jade

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