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Keeping up with Karishi

karishma-1My name is Karishi … yes, I also think I could be a famous Hollywood star but that is a story for another day. Well I was hoping to tell all of you guys about me and my muzzle. Yes, my muzzle. I am a proud muzzle-wearing-stylish-diva. I bet most of you will take a step back if you had to see me, or any other furkid, on a walk with a human while wearing a muzzle. I mean after all, muzzles are for “vicious dogs”  who need to be controlled while out in public. Right? WRONG!!!!! My muzzle is my best friend … let me explain ..

Life has been a bit up and down for me (much like any other celebrity i guess), first I was in a home, then I was given away. Then I ended up at Dogtown. Then I was adopted. Then I had a minor disagreement with my one fur-sibling and boom, back at Dogtown. Well all of this is confusing and its not always easy to know exactly what is expected of me, I dont speak human that well. Anyway my caregivers would come to me to take me out for walks and I LOOOOOOOVE walks, not like … but LOOOOVE walks. So much so that I get a tiny bit (ok mild understatement) over excited and then I start doing twirlies and zoomies and sometimes I do stuff that I dont mean to do … but its just because I am so excited about going out on a walk. The walks started getting less and less because the caregivers were not able to keep me calm enough and things just didnt go as planned for walkies. I thought that’s it, I’ve blown it, they will give up on me 🙁

img_7544But little did I know, that my caregivers at Dogtown had all sorts of plans up their sleeves. I didnt quite know but they had all sorts of training stuff that they were doing with me that I didnt even know had anything to do with training or walking. I dont really understand all the nitty gritty stuff but they introduced me to a muzzle. What an awesome muzzle this was, every time I saw the muzzle, I knew I would be getting treats galore! Pretty much everything that I like … yeah that comes to me when they bring the muzzle into my garden. Treats, cuddles, belly rubs … you name it, if Karishi likes it, Karishi gets it when the muzzle is in the picture 🙂

I didnt quite make the connection but one day, during our “muzzle means treats” training sessions, they “forgot” to take the muzzle off me and then we went out for a walk. Well, I guess i realize now that they didnt “forget” the muzzle on me, thats just what they made me think. The walk was awesome, I already loved the muzzle and even though i still got a bit over excited here and there, it was totally manageable.

fullsizeoutput_2fecI dont mean to brag or anything, but I do look kind of awesome with my muzzle on! Its comfortable and doesnt stop me from being me, it just helps me to be the diva I strive to be all the time. Now I get to go on my much-loved walks every day, I even get to go on hikes around the entire Dogtown property, what an awesome walking trail, bundu bashing is fast making its way to the top of my favorite-actives list 🙂

If you guys want to know more about how to do the muzzle magic and what exactly its about, please get in touch with the humans at Dogtown, they are all muzzle magicians and I’m sure they will share their secrets to help you with your furkids!

Well as you can see, I’m a happy lady, thanks to my muzzle skills 🙂 Gotta go, the mountain trails await …

By Wilmi, Caregiver