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Kimbal The Survivor

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Kimbal was found burned, blinded and caught in a trap. Her eyes were clamped shut and full of pus.
After eight days of rest and extensive daily treatment, Kimbal visited the Johannesburg Eye Hospital where it was predicted that because of good pupil response, her sight could be restored.
During the week that followed, Kimbal began a regime of mild exercise in the form of gentle walks around the veterinarian’s property. Even the resident cat adopted Kimbal as her BFF and followed her around on her walks.
On Day 15, Kimbal was taken back to the eye specialist for a follow-up appointment and final prognosis, which was beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. Kimbal’s eyes had completely healed. Although the corneas were damaged, the eye specialist was confident that Kimbal would regain her sight.
Kimmi has blessed my life for two years now. She is quite the character, completely relaxed, independent, loving and free from fear.