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Lady Diana speaks..

DSC_1627Hi all your super duper peeps out there it is Lady Diana of Dogtown writing to you on behalf of the furkids in the Yankie Candle Octagon of the Adorable Adoptable section.   You see I have been elected by the furkids in my Octagon to speak on their behalf and tell you all about the amazing volunteers that come and see us as often as they can, and make our days extra extra special.   Now don’t get me wrong, our caregivers are just the most wonderful humans we could wish for and treat us with all the love and affection they can but the volunteers spoil us even more as they don’t have to go off and do other duties.   Of course as you well know and, speaking for myself, a Royal Babe with the poise and sophistication such as I have (hehehe) revels in all the extra attention possible. My dream is to be loved and pampered 24/7 and then I could love my forever human back the same way. But until my dream comes true the volunteers spoil me 100% which makes me happy

Let me tell you more!!!   When these special humans arrive we already are prepared and waiting with our special faces on, you know the soulful eyes looking downwards (hehehe) but it is very difficult to keep this pose because we are smiling from nose to tail with happiness. As soon as they come to our gate yummy biscuits are given to us and we can see the harnesses and leads hanging in their hands ready to take us off on our long walks. Really all my furkid buddies are so excited and just want it to be their turn to go out first. I know you will keep my secret – but I often get the first walk!!!   What can I say – when you are a Royal Lady you just have that edge !!!!!!!    So these wonderful volunteers come into our runs with hands full of bikkies giving kisses and cuddles whilst putting on the harnesses. I find it particularly difficult to stop wagging my tail so hard it feels like it is coming off and run to the gate trying to be as good as I can cos I just want to jump for joy and kiss the peeps all over whilst they are unclipping the catch. I usually can just hold it in before we walk “calmly out” and off we go. The walks are just so great especially when we go down to the big play area with all the sand and trees and shrubs.

I personally could even live there if there was a royal abode built for me but of course that can’t happen because then my other furbuddies wouldn’t be able to go and have fun too.   Even though I definitely prefer to be on my own and not have a furbuddy I would be very sad if they were unable to have as much fun as me in the play area.   As soon as we get in and the gate is closed the volunteers let me run around, sniff as many trees as I like and find out all the up to date gossip and scandal then we play hide and seek.   This is the best game ever because one of them goes off to hide whilst the other keeps me occupied with yummy biscuits. When the one hiding is ready the person with me gives me a cue and I am able to go off and find them.   I loooovvvee this.  My nose hits the ground and I get the scent that I am after and boom bang off I go.   Even though I say it myself I am pretty smart at this game because I can find my human rather fast.   When I find her she is giggling, giving me kisses and of course lots more biscuits.   I love this and I am sure she loves it too. Honestly I want to make her so proud of me and if I could speak to her I would tell her just how much I adore her for letting me play this game with her and her human buddy.   I know from all my furbuddies as well that this is one of their most favourite games and because we understand that our caregivers don’t have the time to do this for us all every day we really do appreciate all the time and effort the special volunteers give us.

When we go back to my run and before the volunteers move off to the next furkid, I have a long long hug and cuddle on my special hound sleeper, more treats and big kisses goodbye. Then off they go to the next furkid. Look of course I would prefer that they stay with me all day but I understand that I must share these peeps so when they go off to the next furry I try not to look too dejected.   Soooo as requested by my furfriends this is a big big thank you to you guys for coming and being with us and we will wait eagerly until the next time you are able to come by. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH YOU ARE THE BEST VOLUNTEERS ON THIS PLANET

 By Joanna, Trainer