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Lil George – A guessing game

img_7023Lil George, what goes through your mind while you “scream bark” at people just walking past or looking at you?  The reason……I can only guess……

When I touch you and you suddenly stiffen and give me that “please stop” look, I can only guess what you have gone through to be so scared.

And when you find the little courage to stand still while I stroke your back or brush you, and your jaw starts shivering and you shut your eyes so tight, as if you are waiting for something bad to happen, I ask myself………..O Georgie, why? But I can only guess………

At feeding time, when you eat on your “stone”, your eyes shut so tight, I can only guess that someone did something so horrible to you that you are still afraid to eat out of a bowl……

img_7026But then every morning, when I go in with you, you are so excited because you know we are going to play your favorite ball games! Jumping high to take the tennis ball out of my hand on the verbal cue “jump”, and fetching it and bring it back to me, and in between we sneak in a short game of “hide and seek”. That is when I realized what a brave little dog you are and how far you’ve come since you came to Dogtown. That’s why I believe with all my heart that someday, in the very near future, these guessing games will stop and you will be the happy, carefree dog you deserve to be, without fear, living in your own forever home with your own forever family!!

Unless, somewhere out there, there is a family who will take you into their home, now, and make you their own, and love you…….. just as you are …….

I know for sure they will have a jewel in their midst, because you are a rough diamond that will make the right family so, so happy!

Just ask me, I should know….. 🙂

By Susan, Caregiver