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Little Jax

by Gordon

Hi Peeps my name is Jax and I am a little terrier blend and I think I am about 3 years old.

My journey to Dogtown started rather bleakly but has ended with much jubilation and happiness, so let me tell you my story.

Are you all sitting comfortably with a nice hot cup of coffee?, then let me begin.

It all started somewhere in the West Rand about a month ago when I was hit by a thing called a “car” . Let me tell all you furkids out there avoid ever approaching or getting in the way of one of these things when they are moving as they are very very dangerous to us furries.

Well to continue with the story I managed to get myself to the side of a river where I lay in much pain and discomfort . Fortunately a lovely lady called Louise found me there . Because she is very caring and loves all us furkids she immediately took me to a doggie doctor who cleaned and dressed my wounds.   Unfortunately the injuries were pretty serious and I needed the attention of a specialist doggie doctor. Well lovely Louise made some calls to some very “high up peeps” at this place called Dogtown and before I knew it I was being attended to by one of these specialists. Here my story gets a bit cloudy, as the doctor gave me some sleeping medicine and when I awoke all my injuries had been expertly attended to. Apart from the severe lacerations to my back legs I also had a dislocated hip.

After a few days in hospital I was sent “home” to recuperate and this is when I met the amazing peeps from this magic place called Dogtown. I am among the first group of furkids to be accommodated in their new facility near Hartbeespoort, and what a place this is going to be when it is completed.

I have to stay quiet and am not allowed to run, jump or rough and tumble with other furkids during my recuperation period (4 – 6 weeks), so my caregivers have made me a nice small area indoors where I can relax and chill out.   Would you believe it? I even have TV to watch whenever I like. The meals here are very yummy too and after I have eaten, my caregiver takes me out for a short walk and to do …….. well you know, what Mother Nature intended.

Well that peeps is my story complete with happy ending. Of course the “ liver bread” on the cake would be a forever home with a loving family that would treat me and love me as well as I am at Dogtown – now wouldn’t that be something!!!!

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