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Little Kelly

IMG_3852Hi there all my four legged and two legged pals. Kelly here to tell you my story, my rescue story. I felt I had to share it as I stole the heart of my caregiver the moment I came in. I was rescued all the way in  Koster very, very far away from Dogtown with my two big brothers, Tommy the Jack Russle and Skye, the Weimeraner cross. Our owner did not look after us very well so Dogtown offered to help, he then claimed that he did not want us anymore and that we should be taken away.

The people from Dogtown drove a very long way, rescued us and brought us to the centre. We had never been in a car before so we all got very sick, but the kind people from Dogtown were right there to clean us up and give us some fresh water to make us feel better. That was when I started stealing hearts, everyone talked about what a beautiful face I had, I should be a model! But I also had a gorgeous personality to match my gorgeous looks. I love anyone who comes to visit me and I’m grateful for anything I get, I guess that’s because I didn’t get much to start with but I have everything I could ever want now!

Good food and lots of treats and toys, I even get to go out on walks, I have to wear this funny contraption they call a harness on my body when I go out, it felt really funny at first but I was so eager to explore I soon got used to it, its not so bad after all and I surprised all the people with my confidence going out, I strolled right past all the big barking dogs without a care in the world. My caregiver says I’m an extremely special little girl and she would adopt me in a heartbeat if she could! Whoever gets to adopt me would be very very lucky, they wouldn’t need to put much work in, I have it all – looks, brains, spunk and a whole lot of love!

To adopt Kelly please contact adopt@dogtownsa.org

By Tayla, Caregiver