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Loki – single and ready to mingle

IMG_8298Hey friends of Dogtown. I’m Loki, and I am on a quest to make a friend. See it’s not as simple for me to meet new dogs. I have no facebook or tinder. If I did though, my profile would say something like this:

Loki. Male. Young at heart. Some people call me skinny but I would say athletically built. Tall, red and handsome. I would prefer a lady friend as boys have a funny way of ticking me off. Size is not an issue, I do not mind a few curves either. I’m an easy going guy who enjoys long walks on the mountain and playing with plushy toys in my garden. I enjoy taking naps on my hound-sleeper or on a puffy pillow. I have a great voice and will start a howling choir whenever the opportunity arises. Please don’t swipe left, you don’t know what you will be missing out on.

But since I am not on social media the folks at Dogtown has got me covered by taking me on regular social walks so I can search for my perfect friend. I see all kinds of different dogs on these early morning group walks. There are the busy little dogs who bark a lot, or the lazy kind who stroll along very slowly. Others who have to mark every tree or sniff every bush. Surely one of them would be interested in being friends with a fine chap like myself.

I recently tried my luck with a cute little sharpei cross but it turns out she’s just not that into me… So I picked up the pieces of my shattered heart and started looking again. Soon I felt some sparks flying between me and a lovely lady named Gaylene. She has the same beautiful coat colour as myself. We might just be a match. I will go on walks with her a few more times and see where the road leads us.

But if you think you might have the perfect friend for me at your house maybe just let me know so I can come live there too. A new home with a perfect friend would just be a dream come true – Contact

By Danel, Caregiver

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