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Loki – The local boy

Not so long ago, we all read about the fairy tale story of Princess Gaylene and Prince William – how they found each other and lived happily in the Dogtown Palace.

Me, Loki, also read that story and was happy for them, but deep down, my heart was a little bit sore. See, I also met Gaylene and went on social walks with her, and boy…. what a beautiful lady she is. Her lovely coat (same colour as mine, my caregiver calls us her “orange” dogs, hehe), her dainty way of walking and when she goes down, it is with so much grace! Yeah, I remembered it all! But……I was just the local boy down the street, not a prince ……and yes, I admit I was a bit jealous. I made my peace though.

Then, William got his own forever family he went to live with, and Gaylene was all alone again……….and available! However, I could see she was heartbroken and lonely. Poor girl, never wanted that to happen to her. When we sometimes met on social walks, my heart still skipped a beat and I could see she was ok …… and still so lovely!

IMG_2766I thought of ways to make my move, but the fact that I was only the local boy around – ordinary and not a prince – kept me from doing something. Will she even be interested in me? Sigh……

And then, one day my caregiver told me we are going to meet someone special and I must behave ….. as if I’m not doing that always!

And there she stood with her caregiver and I realized she is the someone special!!

I felt like skipping and hopping, but not to show my over eagerness, I played it cool.

She was her beautiful self, walking graciously next to me.

This walks happened quite a few times. It was the highlight of my days! After about 2 weeks of walking together, we were taken to a place and our leads were taken off so that we could play. I was so shy ….. and she was so lovely. We interact a few times and then our caregivers decided it is ok for us to live together.

WHAT!!! I couldn’t believe my luck! Me, local boy Loki, living with a princess! My day, my year, my LIFE was made!!! Nowadays, she flirts with me and we play and play. The day go past so quickly, and every day I must remind myself she is not going away…..she is staying with me!


Newsflash: “Local boy Loki got his princess!” And although I’m not a prince, I feel like one!

Now we are dreaming together that we would get our own forever family and home……

But until that day, we will enjoy our stay together at Dogtown, and be there for one another. I have just a message to other local boys out there: “Don’t give up – your princess is out there waiting for you!”


By Susan, Caregiver