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Looking back on 2015

Wow how do we recap 2015??
Well an emotional roller coaster is what it was. So many incredible highs and sadly many devastating lows.The best part of 2015 is the fact that we have finally started building our centre at the new farm. Seriously nothing has topped my list of “Best Things Ever” other than seeing the furkids move into their awesome octagons. The only down-side was that half of our furkids are still at the old centre, which upsets us daily, all our furkids deserve to be here enjoying the space and tranquility of the farm, but this is the year peeps! This is the year when the rehabilitation centre of our dreams comes to fruition.

Of course we cannot talk about the new centre without acknowledging the people who helped us get there. First off we appealed to you our pawtastic supporters to help fund our 1st octagon by signing up for a monthly debit order allowing us to start building. The excitement amongst the staff as we carefully laid out the design and put the shovels in the ground to begin our first octagon was incredible. We were like kids in a candy store – the excitement was electric and obviously nothing went quick enough for us in the building process and it felt like forever before the octagon was complete.

Then we realised we needed to put in the security to make sure the dogs are safe and sound without spoiling their beautiful views. That’s when we got a real quick reality check, security does not come cheap these days and we saw a lot of our funds going towards setting up the perimeter fencing to make sure we were nice and secure. Feeling a little down in the dumps that our funds had been depleted so quickly, our spirits were once again lifted by the pawesome Montego team. They decided that this year they will help us build our next octagon. The 2nd time round we did a few tweaks on the building of the octagon, after learning from the trial and tribulations of the first one and much to our delight, Montego Town was born 🙂 You would think after the first octagon we wouldn’t all get so excited by the building of the 2nd one but its was like a kid in a candy store all over again. In fact it was even better because we knew better ways of doing stuff and Montego Town was even bigger and better than the first octagon. We had such an awesome launch for Montego Town much fan fair and media abound.Everyone loved the new set up and to say we were as proud as punch is an understatement. Next was the best part, we began to move the furkids across. Wow wow wow, it was the most beautiful sight. I have always maintained that the furkids need space and a lovely garden to run and play, well these furkids proved me right. Furkids who were stressed at the old centre, simply relaxed in their new gardens, running and playing. It was if they were telling us, “yes this makes me happy, how come it took you so long to figure this out?” Apart from the tears of joy we all experienced when the dogs moved in to their new digs, we knew their walking trails were going to be so much fun. Beautiful walking trails around the farm with nothing in sight for miles.

One snag though, the farm walking trails are not for sissies, we’re all going to have awesome fit bodies this year. As we huffed and puffed up and down the mountain, the furkids couldn’t get enough of it 🙂 With the recent heat waves sweeping across our country, we’ve had to start walking the dogs a lot earlier so we can get the dogs walked before the heat becomes too much. So while you are sitting down at your office having your first cuppa Joe, think of our caregivers who have already walked their furkids he he. If you ask any of them, they wouldn’t change it for the world.

So Im sure you would agree, so far the year has been pretty awesome. I wish it was all about struggles and happy endings but we had really hard times too. 2015 seemed to be the year of cancer, many of our older furkids and even one of our younger fur kids was stolen by cancer. Nothing is more soul destroying than watching one of our furkids battle with a disease and having to realise they are not going to get better. One of the things we have put in place, was to take our terminally ill furkids away to a pet friendly resort for the weekend and let them enjoy being a part of a family, even if its for just a short time. We tried to make the weekends as calm and loving as possible, knowing that when we get back it will be time to say goodbye. Sheesh, this for me has been the hardest part of the year. There is nothing better than saving a fur kid but to lose one in soul destroying.

The old centre, where half of our furkids are still based has provided countless challenges and the quicker we can all be at the farm the better for our dogs and for us as caregivers.

So back to the farm, now we are struggling because the trucks cant get up and down the mountain and we can’t get our building materials up to where we need them. Just another problem for us to solve, as if we dont have enough already. Drum roll please, like a fairy god mother, yankee candle south africa comes out to meet us and see what we are about. Of course give me a gap and I will talk your head off about how special our furkids are and what we envision for them here at the farm. To my delight yankee candle loved what we were doing and blew me out of the water with their generosity, not only do they cover half of our montego food bill every month but they also provided funds for us to build a road up to the top of the mountain and you guessed it … octagon 3 proudly named Yankee Candle Town.

So now we are half way there, we are hoping like crazy that by the middle of the year we will all be at the farm. That will entail building another 3 octagons, and securing them in. It’s no easy task but if anyone can do it, its our supporters. So once again we will be doing everything in our power to raise the funds to complete the octagons. Then the real work begins, building all the extra stuff to make our rescue fur kids have the best environment, to be the best they can be, because after all its all about them and keeping them happy. We are just here to serve them as we should.

So what else happened. One of our best achievements is that 68 misunderstood furkids were guided through their issues and learnt to live in harmony in this crazy human world and found their forever homes. Whhhhoooopppppp whhhhhooooppppp.

We saved furkids on the brink of death and nursed them back to health reasuring them that not all humans are bad

Our click to feed project has grown incredibly, with thousands of fur kids in rescue centres around the country receiving food from us thanks to our kind sponsors. Nearly 20 000kg of food was donated to over 30 rescue centres.

We began an awesome new campaign of Spay It Forward which moving into 2016 will we keep our vet very busy with sterilizations. Sterlisations that are so badly needed but could not be afforded.

All in all it was a good year for Dogtown! We hope to do even more in 2016, sterilize more dogs, find more homes for our furkids, assist more families in keeping their furkids by helping them understand their dogs better. We want to educate more, redistrubute more food to other rescue centres, create awareness about adoption and the importance of micro-chipping. The list goes on and on …
2015 in a nutshell
Sterilizations Done: 42
Dogs adopted from DogtownSA: 68
New Furkids who came in: 56
Food redistirubuted to other centres: 18 645 kgThat’s all for now folks,
Love Tracy and the rescues