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Love at first sight – the power couple

“You can be the Prince and I can be the Princess, you can be the sweet tooth I can be the dentist….” Oh, hello everyone, I am Moxie. I heard this song on the radio and I just LOVE to sing it because it describes me and Johnny perfectly. But before I talk about Johnny, let me start at the beginning…

IMG_9050When I came to Dogtown I was really scared because I don’t really understand human language and funny sounds come out of their mouths… All of them sound different and look different so it was a bit scary and overwhelming…Even though I am a bit unsure of their presence I kind of like it when they come into my run because they bring me really nice food, Vienna’s, biscuits and OH MY WORD the liver bread is totally out of this world delicious.

IMG_6789So, one day I was taking a snooze and suddenly, I just see this stunning, big black, handsome, fluffy bearish dog in my run namely John, but I call him Johnny… WOW!!! I was head over heels in love with this stunner. He treats me like a Princess and reminds me every day that he loves me. He motivates me to enter for Miss World because he says that I can win he-he but I am still a bit shy. He teaches me human language and helps me to overcome my fears. He says that humans are absolutely the best and when you give them sloppy kisses you get just what you want, but I am not convinced yet, I mean really… Sloppy, Germy Saliva Kisses?? Yucky he-he. Maybe one day I will give these humans sloppy kisses he-he you never know.

I really hope that everybody out there has someone special to lean on when life gets tough and if you don’t have someone, always remember there is a lid for every pot. Tooodle dooo Dogtown readers, I will speak to you again soon.

By Caregiver, Shilo.

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