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Lovely Lucy

Untitled4Hi there! My name is Scott, I live on the amazing new Dogtown farm together with my best friend in the whole wide world. I’m going to tell you a bit more about her and how the two of us work as a team.

Her name is Lucy, she is a beautiful black and white old lady with a firecracker personality and the smarts to match it. I am pretty sure she can do just about anything she puts her mind to. Lucky for me I am with her every step of the way.

Lucy is a very good teacher, she helps me out during our training sessions and shows me what exactly it is I have to do. By watching what she does and doing the same thing she helps me score treats the easy way! I may not be quite as smart as she is but with her help I learned to do a lot more than I could on my own.

Our caregiver knows how good I am at copying what Lucy does. I am a pro at monkey see, monkey do. And she uses this to our advantage. As a team we learned how to do all kinds of amazing things. We sit instead of jumping up, we do downs on verbal cue, we know how to take a sock off and the list just keeps growing. Sure I sometimes learn some naughty behaviours from Lucy as well, she is not a complete angel although she looks like one, but the pros definitely outweighs the cons in our case.

We like to cuddle together in our little house, or run together chasing each other around. I don’t even mind sharing my toys with her. She makes my days a lot more interesting. We have some squabbles over petty things but I think all roomies do.

I wish every dog can have a friend just like my dear Lucy. We are better as a team.

By Danel, Caregiver

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