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Major update – From Feral to Foster

As many of you might know, it takes a very long time to earn the trust of a feral dog. The ball is always in their court, and one mistake could very well take you right back to the beginning of trying to build a relationship.   A mistake would be something like attempting to touch the dog, moving to fast around the dog, etc.   Us humans tend to want to push our luck all the time, especially when we see some sort of progress.

Am3bout two months ago, I wrote about our big task of having to Save Major from the pavement of a busy street.   He was king of the grass strip until us humans came to get him, and take him away from everything he has ever known.   You could see the worry in his face when he was placed in his new garden, little did he know how very special, and magical this garden is. It really did not take him long to start making it his new home, he quickly got into his new routine and adapted to his neighbours very well. He took a bit longer to get used to his foster humans, but his curiosity about us got the better of him.

He is very affectionate in his own little way, his whole body wiggles and bounces when he sees us heading his way, there is not a mean bone in his body and I just can not understand how he ended up homeless. If just given a chance, he would have been the perfect companion. He loves human company, he just does not trust enough yet to be touched. Though he has made some effort from his side to touch by sticking his cold wet nose against my ankles when I walk off, he will be needing a lot more time to be OK with humans touching him.

Dogs like Major always remind me that when it comes to working with animals, there really is no deadline to meet. It takes as long as it takes and if you really want to learn what the word patience mean, adopt a feral.

By Tersha, Team Leader