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Meet Artwell

DSC_8913I am Artwell Chivengo, I am a father of six children.  I have been in the security Industry for 10 yrs and l had to leave that job because of the economic hardships.

I started to to work at Dogtown in Nov 2014 but l would like to give my thankfulness to Wilmi and Elanza for they are my first employers. If it was not them l wouldn’t be in a position of being part of this precious team.

I started to work at Dogtown as a general worker doing everything which needs to be done. Surely there was a lot to be done since the whole area was a bush. To cut the story short l started to assist at the pet lodge, that is where l got a bit of experience in working with dogs.

Since l was serving many octagons l was transferred to work on the top three that is Sarah B,  HoH and Yankee Candle. At other times l assisted in walking dogs and this has improved my love for dogs.

l ended up being given a schedule for walking dogs alone and this was giving me strength and knowledge on how to  approach a dog. lf l were to say l forwarded my CV to be a caregiver my current position at Dogtown that will be complete lies, I worked hard to become a caregiver and hard work bring rewards.

I was promoted to this position of being a caregiver in January 2019. I am really a happy man now because of working with animals. Even in my octagon when dogs see me they will start wagging their tails because l will be bringing them love and life. Being a caregiver is just a matter of building good relationship with animals. Right now even at home if l see a dog being abused l will feel pain. So l can say l am happy to be part of this life saving team, let us continue to save lives!