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Meet Copper

Dear Universe

Please, please send me a forever family. Let me tell you a little bit more about me, so you know who to send my way!

I am an active girl so lazing around all day simply wont do 😉 We get one life, we need to make the most of it. Let’s go hiking or jogging or set off on an adventure! I love to keep busy and being outdoors an on the go. I am good with people and little humans too, I might just be a bit too much energy for tiny tiny humans but older kids would be perfect.  I love water and if given half a chance, I will work in a swimming session each day too 🙂

I am a social girl and I get along with most dogs, especially ones who like to play. I am not a huge big fan of small dogs but dogs my size are A-OK. I must also tell you that me and cats… yeah that’s not in the stars. I would need a cat-less home please 🙂

My one big downfall in life is my fear of storms and thunder. Boy oh boy those monsters in the clouds really scare me. I need a family who will understand this and can keep me safe and protected when the sky-monsters appear. At the moment I do take some thunder-happy-pills when the skies darken to help me cope.

I would love to have some adventures with you, come meet me and let’s take it from there 🙂

Contact adopt@dogtownsa.org / 076 044 1979

Love, Copper