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Meet Jackie

DSC_8573Hi my name is Jacqui. I was born an animal lover always used to find many strays to take home and get into lots of trouble from my mom. I was brought up with many animals around me ranging from chickens, rabbits, cows and horses. I had my fair share of falling off horses and was blind for 5 hours.

My journey started as a Cosmetic Consultant in the pharmacy world then I decided I would like to work with animals.

I got a position at a vet as part time then was offered a half day position then as full day position. Well I thought what can be so difficult working at a vet just pet’s coming in for vaccinations and sterilization. Well I was in for a surprise, little did I know of all that can go wrong with pets.

The vet’s would often tease me with the blood when I approached the theatre but no entry allowed. I was allowed to watch procedures and would casually walk away feeling very nausea and going from normal colour face to very pale. I eventually got used to seeing it all.

I was offered to do a Puppy Socializing course by Dr Quixi Sontag thru Hill’s Science Pet Food. I then worked at the vet and did the puppy socializing classes on Saturdays at the vet.

I then wanted to become more involved and hands on with animals.

I then started working at SPCA in the office answering phones and basic helping with admittance of stray animals. I then moved into kennels and was offered Kennel Manager position. I also had to do an exam for AWA (Animal Welfare Assistant), well to say the least I was beside myself but made it. It was a challenging position learning about all diseases and could get very intense. I still did my puppy socializing classes on my weekends off then it got too much and never had time to relax so gave that up.

I then got a position at AACL (Animal Anti Cruelty League), was totally different to my SPCA days. I took dogs for walks, worked in the cattery playing with all kitties. I then got a job offer to be a Doggy Au-Pair to 26 Border Collies.

I worked there for many years taking care of all the kids, brushing them and staying in when owners went away. It was great fun with plenty very busy dogs. They then moved to Swellendam.

A friend told me about DogtownSA and I sent my CV, did 2 days shadowing to see what it’s all about. I was most impressed with the set up. I was then offered a position as a Caregiver. My day starts off with checking up all the dogs in my care, feeding them and taking them for walks. There is nothing more rewarding getting to work and the welcome you get from them to see you. One of course gets very attached to all so quickly they creep very deeply into one’s heart…….. Just love it and very rewarding.