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Meet Keisha

DSC_8537Good Day Ladies , Gents and furry creatures. My name is Keisha and I’m one of the caregivers here at Dogtown South Africa.

My passion has been with animals since I was a small creature myself. I found it very challenging to understand and communicate with humans so my best option was to work with animals of all shapes and sizes instead.

When I finished school I completed studies in both Nature and Marine Conservation. My work experience started with Cheetahs, Servals and Tigers in the Free State for two years.

After feeling like a small change I moved back to Johannesburg  and decided to work with Cheetahs, vultures and Anatolian Shepherds for just over a year.

I started working at Dogtown as this is where you can find a small population of amazing people and dogs. Honestly dogs have always had a big part of my heart so when I saw the opportunity to work here I took it in a heartbeat.

The best part of everyday here at Dogtown is training the dogs and to gain a lot more knowledge myself. So here I am  and this is just a little bit of me.