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Meet Susan

DSC_8819My story is very simple. I was born an animal lover. I was a bookkeeper for more than 15 years, stuck in an office in front of a computer working on Pastel accounting.  I loved working with figures, or so I thought. I had 3 German Shepherd dogs and lost them close after each other. I was devastated.  We had to move in with my sister who is in a wheelchair to help her and unfortunately no pets were allowed in the complex.

My daughter decided I NEED to be in contact with animals again and asked me to volunteer with her and she came across DogtownSA and we started volunteering in 2014. It saved my life. Just to cuddle and even see the doggies at Dogtown made me whole again.

I left my job as a bookkeeper and accepted a job offer at DogtownSA. Best decision ever.  After a day’s work, I come home satisfied and tired but so happy.

Everyone knows how I feel about my dogs I work with. LOVE THEM!

The best thing of all……I moved to a place where I could keep pets and that was the first thing I did….. adopted my two black beauties, Bianca and Keith from Dogtown and my husband and I love them more than life!