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Mellow Malaika

Well… what can i say? Malaika is in her own little bubble here at dog town. Shes a sweet young lady who likes to take things at her own pace. If you catch her on a good day shes so enthusiastic to train, willing to work hard and make you proud… buuuut most days shes happy to just have her belly scratched.

She loves her walks…. or should i say strolls… she sniffs around and has a look at whats new on the mountain.. wonders here and there. She says hi to the other woofers passing by, then carries on with what’s happening in her world.

Don’t get me wrong, Malaika is a completely different dog when shes in the mood to play. She’ll give you a run for your money when shes chasing down a ball. But for the most part shes quite content to lie under the shade and have multiple naps throughout the day. Shes living the life at Dogtown.

All she wants in life is all the love she deserves.

If Malaika sounds like the happy, laidback dog that your looking for, why dont you come meet her?. Shed absolutely love that. Contact for more info about Malaika 🙂

By Savannah, Caregiver