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Michaela, Annalise, Bonnie and Connor

13055838_10153578115883683_5196372318163303479_oI bet you are wondering if this is the name of a new band in town coming to take your breath away – but no – not this time. It is the names of my sisters and I and we are the cutest patooties you could ever imagine. We are also one of the luckiest band of furkids as we have come to live at Dogtown which is the bestest place you could imagine where fur gals and fur boys like us get the best chance possible in life. Sooo sit yourselves down and have a nice cup of coffee or tea and read our story.   We were born on 20 January on a property largely occupied by an unsightly scrapyard.  There were quite a few other furries on the property of various sizes and ages and our mum found a safe warm place where she fed us and took care of us daily to the best of her ability. There were 6 of us altogether but in the last couple of weeks my two brothers have been extremely lucky and found their own forever homes. Anyway back to my story.

When we were six weeks old our human was finding it quite difficult to take care of us all and with the help of a special lady called Elanza, was able to find room for us at Dogtown.   So at the beginning of March we all were driven to this suuper duuper hotel.   I must say when we arrived my brothers and I were rather scared and we were trying to put on such brave faces in front of our sisters but deep down inside were wondering what on earth was happening to us.   We shook and shivered and I wanted to try and growl and look very fierce but all I heard was voices saying “how cute are you littlies”.

Anyway we were put into a small run with a little garden and a huge big igloo and another small kennel next to is so we could all still snuggle up and keep each other warm.   We were so lucky cos they were full of warm blankets and there were lots of toys and chewies.   We were all quite exhausted so snuggled into the big igloo and fell asleep.   Then after a while this human came into our garden and put down six bowls of food.   Well this was so coooollll   – we had never seen so many bowls and the food was very different from what we normally had to eat.   I kept thinking I was dreaming so I made sure I got stuck into the food bowls and ate as much as my tummy could take.   My brothers and sisters did the same and very quickly the bowls were empty and our tummies so full we went back into our blankets and slept.

 Later on in the afternoon the same thing happened again and more bowls of food were brought in to us and this time the human stayed sitting in our run and talked to us and held us each very gently and gave us lots of kisses and cuddles.   I just gave a huge big sigh of relief and knew from that moment on we were all going to be safe and well cared for.   Every day just got better and better with these caring peeps coming in to see us and play with us.

They were so gentle and always had yummy treats and little biscuits with them that we could chew on with our baby teeth.   Being the “Head Furboy” (that I like to think I am) I do like to be first in line at times for all the goodies but I am learning to share and it’s not that bad really!! After a few weeks of being at Dogtown, one morning more people arrived and put on these harnesses and leads and picked us up and took us outside.   Wow this was incredible.   A weeee bit scary but they played games with us and had the bestest of treats I have ever tasted and all we had to do was put our bums on the ground for which we got lots and lots of these little pieces of liver bread.   Then we had to run up and down and play races and as long as we came when we were called we got more.   This was such fun!!!!! The peeps were great and one of the yummiest things was that we had to lick peanut butter off their fingers.   I mean just how coooolll is that!!!!!

After a while we were taken back to our run and garden and fell fast asleep.   This routine happens every week and gets more and more fun each time and now I must brag cos I have learnt to lie down and do little recalls and am told I am a very clever boy!!!   My sisters are also very clever but you mustn’t let them know I said so.   As I said earlier my two brothers were very lucky and went to their forever homes a couple of weeks ago so it is just me and my three sisters left.   Since they have left we have also moved into a bigger garden and each have our own igloos and lots of extra ones as well so we play many games of hide and seek.   One of my sisters likes to hide her food bowl inside her igloo when our carer brings in the food.   That way we get her to stay even longer and play more games with her.   She is great fun and leaves us with the best tasting biscuits ever and I try and get an extra one to hide in my special hidey place in my igloo for later in the day!!!!

Yet as happy as we all are we would dearly like to find our own forever homes where we could be part of someone’s loving family along with their furkids. We would love to continue with our training and show off our skills and make you very proud of us. For more info about us please contact adopt@

By Joanna, Trainer

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