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Mila’s Recall

DSC_9196Hello readers, I hope you enjoy the story about Mila and how I taught her a recall. Maybe you can catch a few tips and teach your dog at home a reliable recall.

Mila is a lovely old girl that really enjoys the company of humans, she is very calm, loving and a real sweet heart. So, as I started working with Mila I soon realized she does not have a good recall when she is outside on a walk.

There are a lot of very important reasons why you should teach your dog a reliable recall and at Dogtown it is really important that all the dogs have a solid recall. With Mila is was a little bit difficult because she is not really food motivated outside and barking at the other dogs that were walking was a lot more rewarding for her.

So, Mila and I started training in a low distraction environment which is her garden that she stays in. I kept the training plain and simple, playing hide and seek in her garden with her and rewarded her with high value treats every time I called her and she came. It is always important to make sure that both you and your dog are having fun.

Slowly over a period of time I raised the criteria and added more distractions. She learned that when she comes to me (during a walk or in her garden) “GOOD” things happen and she gets really yummy treats. I tried a variety of high value food to see what Mila really likes and trains for. It is always important to work at your dogs’ phase and know when your dog trains the best. Mila loves to train in the morning when it is still cool because she struggles to train and focus when it is hot.

Always remember that you can teach any old dog new tricks just remember to make the training FUN and EXCITING!!

 By Shilo, Caregiver