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IMG_6701As a caregiver, I meet so many new furbabies, and each of them has something different to teach me. Some taught me about patience, others taught me about trust, but all of them teach me about unconditional love.

Moby had gone through a LOT before he came to Dogtown. He came to us as a terrified, unwanted puppy and very afraid of human touch. So believe me when I say Moby is more than just a pretty face. He taught me about being a survivor and believe me he is a SUPER survivor! But with time, he learned how to trust again. He has blossomed into the boy he was always meant to be. He is now living the life with his gal, Candice, in their very own little “cottage” in the famous country club called Dogtown.

When he is not entertaining me, Moby is on par to become my Superdog! His confidence and skills grew in leaps and bounds.

I always had a gut feeling that there is more to him that the eye can see. When we were bound to take part in a Dogtown challenge called Recuedog to Superdog, I followed my gut feeling and started the training with Moby. Was I in for a big surprise! He is such a talented dog and a fast learner! And I’m so proud to say that he got 3rd placed in the competition!. He also is my K9 handler-dog, and he is thriving in all this training!

Moby is such an incredible little dog – his personality, and the effect he has on me is extraordinary. He has a sharp mind and such bright eyes. I am so thrilled with the looks and skills of this cute little dog that I can’t be the only one enjoying it. So, if there is a family who wants to share their life with this incredible dog, don’t hesitate, call today! You won’t regret it!

Check out Moby’s full online profile: https://barkingmad.co.za/pets/moby-2/

By Susan, Caregiver

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