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Moby’s sleepover

IMG_6475Hi, there peeps. I think you all know me by now. It’s me, Moby. I came to Hotel Dogtown as a terrified little puppy after being with a family who never gave me any attention and I was so alone all the time…. and scared. But my life changed for the better when I came to live at Dogtown. I am very happy here and has a very best friend called Candice.

One day my caregiver came to get me for a walk by the time she was leaving us for the night, and it was strange because we already had our bedtime snack. That’s how I know when she is leaving for the evening. So, this day I was happy to go for a walk at this unusual hour (we are always excited to go for walks).

But I was in for a surprise! She put me in this strange van thing covered in dog pictures, and I was a bit wary. It made a weird sound, and I thought if I lay down, it won’t be so scary, and it wasn’t.

Then the sound stopped, and she had to carry me out because I did not know what to expect. We walked into a place, and suddenly two big black dogs appeared, and I was ready to bolt, but they were so friendly, and we sniffed together in a big garden. I ran around, and it all seemed ok. As long as my caregiver was there, everything is ok. Little did I know…….

She called me to go into a big building, and I hovered at the door, looking cautiously inside. I got the fright of my life! Up in the air was a thing that’s going around and around…. it was so scary!

At the one side was a thing with moving bright colours and sound and people talking and walking around. I was terrified. My caregiver told me everything was ok, over and over, and usually when she said that to me everything is always ok. So I moved inside, slowly, and there was another big human inside, but he was not so scary. He talked softly to me and even stroked me gently. I then saw a blanket and a corner, and I leapt over to that spot, keeping my eye on the moving thing in the air and the noisy thing against the wall. The big human walked to a big white thing, opened the door and gave me nice treats that appeared from inside. So later in the evening I got enough courage to get up and went to sniff that thing, hoping nice treats will come out again. But it smelled like nothing and no treats appeared………until that big human went over, opened the door and there the treats appeared again! Magic, I thought.

I stayed in that spot most of the night. Just every now and then I would quickly get up and sniffed something. My caregiver encouraged and cuddled me the whole evening, and I must admit, it wasn’t all that bad and I had a good night sleep. The next morning, though, when we got back to Hotel Dogtown, I was so thrilled to be back there with my best friend, Candice.

I can’t say my sleepover was bad, and I can’t say it was good, but it sure was an experience I will never forget.

Maybe, if some peeps out there decided to take me home to be there forever pet, I will get used to all the strange objects and sounds I never encountered before, and we could live happily ever after! Sounds good to me! And I’m sure willing to try my best! Just come and take a chance on me….

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By Susan, Caregiver

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