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Monsters in the clouds

ginger-2Hi there friends. It is me, Ginger, also known as Ginger snap or little Gingi. I am a very sweet little princess with the most beautiful puppy face in the whole wide world. I live here at Dogtown with a handsome fur prince named Geoffry. We have a great life here. The sun is shining and birds are singing and we go on walks together on the beautiful mountain side. All is peachy here for Geoffry and myself, until the clouds start rolling in…

Whenever I see the dark clouds starting to cover my clear blue sky I get very nervous. I will start to cry and try to get out of my garden. I am so very afraid of the monster in the clouds. That monster growls at me and flashes its bright lights everywhere and sprays us with water so we are all sopping wet. Geoffry is not afraid of it at all. He is such a brave dog. But I cannot hide my fear and will try my whole best to get away from this scary monster in the clouds.

Luckily my human caregivers here at Dogtown understands and they try everything in their power to calm me down and comfort me when I am so very scared. They give me Nutricalm tablets to calm my nerves a bit, wrap me up so I can feel a bit safer, they even gave me a crate and made it a really great place to be, my safe place where the monster cannot get to me.

I am slowly starting to realize that maybe this monster won’t swallow me whole, but I still feel so very afraid when I have to face it on my own. I just want a person with me to help me face my fears. Being cuddled on the couch would really help me feel better. Surely my human will not let anything bad happen to me. So if you are reading this and you feel like being a hero, protecting little me, the damsel in distress. Please be my knight in shining armour and take me to your castle where no monsters are allowed and everything will just be peachy all the time.

By Danel, Caregiver