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Mr Glen the magnificent

UntitledHello to all our Dogtown readers, my name is Glen the magnificent. I stay in one of the luxury octagons with my stunning lady, Liddie, at the new Dogtown centre. We go for walks on the mountain, social walks with friends, gossip with our neighbours if nobody is looking (He he, don’t tell the humans) and we do lots of fun activities during the day.

Our caregivers keep us very busy, we are currently doing K-9 handler training which is very exciting, fun and hard work. My caregiver says that hard work pays off, soooooo I am very busy training because I want to win awesome prizes for myself and Liddie, and show the world that rescue dogs are the best dogs ever.

My caregiver asked me to talk to you about environmental enrichment for dogs because she says it’s really important, here at the centre we get Brain toys for mental stimulation, Slow Feeders if we eat a weee bit fast (He He) and lots of Toy dispensers like Kongs with yummy peanut putter and liver spread to keep our minds active and busy during the day. You can just use Google and type in “Environmental enrichment for dogs” and you will find lots of fun stuff that you can make and use for your furries at home to make their lives more exciting and fun during the day when you are not at home. Always remember training and enrichment is suppose to be fun for us furries and humans because it strengthens our social bond with humans !!!! There is also another option, you can always come and adopt me from Dogtown, then I can teach you all these clever things I have learned.

So, my last advice to you – Always remember to stay humble, live your life to the fullest, adopt shelter dogs and be kind to animals.

Cheerio Dogtown readers, till next time.

With all my LOVE.

Glen <3

 By Shilo, Caregiver

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