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Must Love Layla

IMG_9870Layla’s journey began when she and her sister were taken to their forever home by their brand new family. How awesome it must have been for tiny pooplets to find a home of their own, that is a privilege denied to many dogs out there. Well it all seemed good and well but as the girls got older, Layla and her sister started having some disagreements, their personalities were quite different. Their family tried everything to get them to get along but alas, it was not meant to be. Their family had to make a very hard decision and that is where I come in.

My name is Wilmi, I run the Best Friends Pet Lodge at DogtownSA. Layla’s family contacted me in desperate need of help, they needed a new home for their beautiful Layla but sadly all the rescue centres were full and they did not know how to go about rehoming her themselves. So we came up with a plan, she was booked into our lodge as a long term resident with the added bonus of her being in the care of Dogtown, so we can work with her and  help her family to find her the perfect home 🙂

When Layla first arrived, it was all a bit overwhelming for her, understandably so. For the first 2 years of her life she lived as part of a family and then all of a sudden, she was in a strange place with strange people. But that soon changed, Layla is such a gentle soul, its hard to not fall head over heals in love with her, which is exactly what happened to me. Layla and I spend hours together, going on long hikes, just chilling in the sun or playing fetch, those squeaky balls are her favourite!

We often sit and just talk about life, well I talk and she just chomps on her bone, she loves those too. She is a really good listener!

My dream would be for the perfect family to come and meet her, there is no 2 ways about it, if you meet her, you will love her! She can be a bit weary of strangers but once she opens her heart to you, its yours for life 🙂

If you would like to come and fall in love with Layla, please contact us, you wont regret it!
Adopt@dogtownsa.org / 076 044 1979

By Wilmi, Caregiver

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