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IMG_8308Hi peeps, my name is Neno – no not Nemo or Captain – just NENO. Why is it different I hear you ask ! Simple, I’m a different kinda guy. As a 2 year old, 45,5kg brindle Bullmastiff with a magnificent baritone bark, I sure am different maybe even special I would venture to say 🙂

My past journey has not been plain sailing and I have had to endure some pretty nasty things at the hands of my previous owners. You see they wanted a guard dog and thought because of my fantastic and unique physique I would undoubtedly fit the bill. Unfortunately for them I’m just a huge cuddly bear dog. So to try and “convert me” they used to hit and kick me. When I decided to give them a dose of their own medicine they didn’t much like  it and immediately made arrangements to have me banished from their kingdom of evil – an unquestionable victory for me I dear say.

A very kind lady named Jenny offered to take me in and care for while she found me a forever home. But she was a little scared of me for some reason, especially when I gave her my deepest baritone bark. She would change colour from a beautiful cherub pink to a ghostly white and I could see her whole body quiver (heh heh), but seriously I was not trying to scare her at all, it was just my way of thanking her for taking care of me.

Anyway “chameleon lady” as I affectionately called her, decided to contact that famous Doggy hotel – you know, the bestest one in all Africa – to see if they just might have had a spare room or two for me. But alas there was no room at the Inn ! However those incredible peeps at Dogtown succeeded, yet again, in achieving one of their now legendary miracles and here I am in Doggy Paradise.

Although I have only been here a few days now, my stress levels have been reduced considerably and I am feeling really relaxed in my new environment. I am also now learning to control my bouts of “over excitement”. The accommodation is first class with my own comfortable little Wendy house where I can even see my furkid neighbours on all four sides which is a far cry from my previous digs and we can all have a little chinwag whenever we feel like it. I must confess the young furgal on the one side is a real little cutie pie called Jersey and I think she may be a bit keen on me too. Will have to have a word with my caregiver about getting to know her better.

Talking about caregivers, the peeps here are truly amazing and are always coming over to see how I’m settling in or to give me a treat or two. Of course they always want me to do something to earn the treat, but what the heck, I see how happy it makes them when I do what they ask and so it is a win-win situation.

For me the magic which is Dogtown has certainly fulfilled my dreams and I can now start to trust peeps again and I know these Dogtown furkeepers will soon find me the perfect forever home – of course if that little cutie Jersey could be part of it……..well need I say more ?

By Gordon

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