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Never stop dreaming – Angel

DSC_1341Hi Dogtown readers, it’s so nice to write a story again. I don’t know where to start because I have so many things to tell you guys. My caregiver said it’s always better to start at the beginning and try to stick to the facts, haha as she knows I can babble and get carried away when I write or tell stories haha.

I really love my life at Dogtown, getting spoiled by my caregivers and the volunteers. Daily I get training, enrichment and enjoy fun walks on the mountain or explore in our big play areas but… Walt Disney said that if you can dream it, you can do it and I really believe that my dreams will come true someday.

I am a little heart broken and somedays I shed a tear when no one is looking because I cannot understand why nobody is interested in adopting me… You know I am not a young girl anymore and I am not getting younger either. I dream of a home where I can be your only furry animal and enjoy a big bed with loads of toys.

I love to train and learn new tricks very quickly. I am a very calm girl that enjoys being cuddled, brushed and groomed, my caregiver say I even snore sometimes when she brushes me, but I think she is lying haha. I love people and really enjoy the company of children because they always play fetch with me. Please give me a chance and visit me at Dogtown SA, judge me on my personality and not on my size or breed. Give this oldish lady a chance and help me so my dreams can become a reality.

Check our my profile: https://barkingmad.co.za/pets/angel/

Love, Angel.

By Shilo, Caregiver DSC_1326