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New Adventures

Dogtown furries embarking on new adventures

By Joanna

Over the last few months the furkids at Dogtown have been learning amazing new training skills and are showing just how clever rehabilitation pooches are!!! This has all come about with the implementation of a confidence building course and other training exercises that has been added to the life enrichment of our furkids.   Everybody has been delighted to see just how clever our furkids are and what dedicated caregivers we really do have.    The course consists of many types of different activities including learning to walk on a number of different surfaces and be confident enough to do various exercises e.g. sits, downs, stays etc. and even jumping into a cardboard box and it has been wonderful to see just how a dog who initially would not even have the confidence to walk on a hard board surface or a piece of plastic mesh or go past a plastic bag, can now walk on all surfaces and perform their basic skills quite easily and walk off with heads and tails held high!

One of the other obstacles that initially was quite difficult for some of the smaller furkids has been the empty shell that we normally use for their little swimming pool, but now it has been filled with soft balls and yummy treats underneath. The dogs have to climb inside and search for the treats.   Firstly it is a slippery surface that they have to negotiate and once inside it can slightly tip up.   This can be quite scary for any dog.   We are so proud of one particular little furkid called “Jack” who when he first saw this took one look and darted off the other way.   With the care and guidance of his caregiver after several attempts of coming up to the shell and smelling all the yummy liver bread treats little Jack has absolutely no problem with getting into the shell and eating every single treat he can find.   Well done Jack!!!! We have also been using the training course to teach the dogs to weave in and out of coloured cones and it has been incredible to see just how some of the bigger dogs have learnt how to negotiate the turns around these cones.   There are other cones with food hidden underneath and again the furries are learning how to turn these over and get their rewards. The caregivers have been working very hard with their dogs and each week a dog who was not so confident at one or two of the exercises have shown that with the correct positive guidance nothing is impossible or too scary to overcome.

This week our newest addition has been added which is a curtain of cans. This is a pole with lines of tin cans hanging down and forms a curtain and of course jingles and jangles all the time.   The dogs have to walk through this curtain and it is wonderful to see that almost every dog managed to walk through the hanging jangling cans without a care in the world. Well done to all the caregivers and to all our furkids – you really deserve a huge pat on the back and an extra yummy treat. Keep it up!! In the very near future the obstacle course is going to be extended to include a maize and many more innovative challenges.

So all you caregivers out there —– get ready with your treats and clickers and – Watch this space!!!

And for anyone out there looking to adopt an amazingly talented furkid why not come by and visit us.

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