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Oh Micky you’re so fine….

“Oh Mickey, you’re so fine
You’re so fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey,
Hey Mickey.”

IMG_3188Such lovely words from this famous song by Toni Basil, hey peeps! You guessed right; I’m the “Mickey” mentioned in the song, and I’m just as fine! My caregiver sings the song to me every day, and she called me a big, fine lad!

Oh yeah, I am a big boy with long legs and everything. I like to fool around when my caregiver comes into my garden to give me water and picks up where I “messed.” (I still can’t believe that she does this every day and be cheerful about it AND while she sings my favourite song! Not all there, if you ask me, hehe).

Anyway, to come back to me fooling around….. I like to open my big mouth (everything about me is big, by the way) WIDE when she gives me a treat after I sat for her. She would laugh and say: “Oh Mickey, look at your cute toothies!” And when she walked on with the scoop, I would nibble her back pocket because that’s where all the yummy things are kept! If I get no reaction, I would playfully put my head between her knees, and that makes her laugh too. She then would say: “Oh Mickey, you’re not a horse!”

I love all the walks we go on. I learned not to pull towards all the different smells because she will let me sniff it anyway. And boy, am I a good sniffer! My head doesn’t come up regularly on these walks, let me tell you!

But let’s get serious…….. I want to thank all the peeps at Hotel Dogtown, because your big hearts saved me…..

I would have left this life believing that all humans don’t care about us dogs. Now I can be silly and happy, play all day, be without skin problems, a bed to sleep on in a nice warm house, food every day, and so much more………..

You have taught me what it means to be loved, and I have seen you do the same for all the other dogs like me. All our lives would’ve been wasted, and we would never have shared OUR love with all of you.

You also ensure me every day that there is a family that’s waiting patiently, and pretty soon they’ll come for me and make me part of their forever family circle.

I am waiting patiently, dear family, for that day you will stand before me and say: “That’s him, let’s take him home!”

Don’t wait too long, though…….See you soon!

By Susan, Caregiver

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