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Old man Ben

Ben he is one of our legends here at DogtownSA , he came to us 5 years ago . Ben is really a social butterfly with human beings but he can do without the shenanigans of other dogs. Everyday I learn how much love to give he has,  all he wants is love and care . We have working on some basic obedience with Ben where he is showing everyone that you can teach an old boy new tricks. He used to get really distracted by the neighbours dogs when we were training, but he’s enjoying his training so much now that he stays focused and ignores them yelling at at him to come and shout back at them.  What makes me so happy is his focus. He focuses on everything we do together now. This shows me if you teach a dog with positive reinforcement, consistency  love they will learn quickly . Every session we work together I also learn and gain more confidence and experience.  Ben is a pensioner but because I show him respect, love and care he still wants to work hard and show me what he can do.  Ive been on a 6 week clicker course gaining even more knowledge on how to help our misunderstood dogs.

By James

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