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Oooh what an ANGEL

IMG_8950Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen… let me introduce you to the one and only Angel. They say that some ANGELS choose fur instead of wings. Angel is a lovely girl with tons of love to give and stories to share, she is a volunteer favorite because she LOVES human interaction, cuddles and tummy rubs. Her eyes sparkle when she has visitors and she cannot wait to meet new volunteers, big and small she loves them all.

She enjoys long walks on the mountain, oh golly she likes to sniff hehe and sometimes she makes funny snore sounds which is absolutely adorable. She is not only beautiful and cute but she is also very clever, this snow-white beauty learns so quickly and is currently busy with the Rescue dog to Super dog program. She can paw a button with her soft paws, open doors, very gently she can pull off your socks and she can do a lot of things but I am not going to tell you everything because you must come and see for yourself what cool and amazing things she can do. I promise you it will blow your mind.

Robert Genn said that dogs are angels sent from heaven in order to help us to be better people. When I think of Angel this quote describes her perfectly, she would full your home with love, joy, laughter and bring out the best in YOU 🙂

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little “extra”, so do yourself a favor, pick up the phone and call Dogtown to make an appointment to come and meet this EXTRAORDINARY girl.

By Shilo, Caregiver

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