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Paige & Ronel – “Bouncy BFF’s

9864ef86-7cfe-4cac-ae31-7ff078f5f49fHi there people, my name is Paige, aka Perfect Paige, according to my caregiver. She says I am the whole package….. A lovable gentle soul with super duper socials skills with dogs, cats and humans. I love cuddles, food, walks and more cuddles.

Anyway, my arrival with some friends at Dogtown was a bit scary and I was nervous. All around me were dogs and more dogs but I met some friendly people ……. and more dogs! It was a bit overwhelming.

One day the humans took me to another “octagon” (as they call it) and introduced me to a very strange looking white dog. She was bouncing all around me! I must say I was a bit strange but at the same time she looked so happy! Bouncy happy! These playdates happened for a few days and during this time I got to know Ronel better and realized she is strange but actually so cool. She really had a tough life before she came to Dogtown and she assured me she’s so much happier now.

1fe8f92e-228d-4856-a96a-c53eb1404124Eventually I became her new roomie. As the days and weeks passed, she intrigued me more every day. She loves to play with me, but in a “bouncy “sort of way. She really bounces all the time – when we play, when we run up and down the fence with our neighbours and boy, can she jump high when other dogs walk past our run!

I must admit it was a bit of a problem for me because she was always bouncing and hopping around and I could just not keep up! So, I thought of a brilliant plan and joined her in this bouncing thing. I couldn’t believe how much fun it was. I can now meet her at her own level….. on the ground, in the air, on the ground, in the air……….

Today we are best friends forever and do everything together. My caregiver calls us her “bouncing doggies”! I only wish Ronel could join me on walks, but she is still a bit scared of the contraption the humans put on us to go out for a walk. Every time I go for a walk, she gets upset and tells me she is afraid they won’t bring me back and then she would be all alone again. To stop them from taking me she sneaks up on them and tries to take the contraption. That is so funny!

I then just assure her that I WILL come back. She must just remember we are the “Bouncy BFF’s!!

by Susan, Caregiver