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Patiently waiting Patricia

IMG_2358There’s a saying that goes every dog needs a home and every home needs a dog, and I am a very special dog who needs a home. My name is Patricia and I am patiently waiting for my furever home. My story began when my mommy Candice was badly hurt and found unconscious in a ditch. The lady that found her was kind enough to call the people at Dogtown who rushed to her aid and took her straight to the vet, whilst there my mom surprised them all when the vet discovered she was pregnant with me, my brother and six sisters. My family and I were shown unbelievable kindness right from the very start when some wonderful people offered to take my mom home and look after all of us until we were old enough to come live at Dogtown.

When I was six weeks old my family and I came to live at Dogtown. We got our own garden with a huge house all to ourselves and not to mention lots and lots of love and TLC from  all the people that met us, they even took us all outside to play under the trees and learn a thing or two. Who knew that just putting your bum on the ground gets you a yummy treat? It was great fun and allowed us to meet new friends. Little did we know that all the new things they were teaching us would help us to find new homes! Well that’s just what they did, my brother and sisters each went home with their very own family’s, today it’s just my mother Candice, my two sisters Grisha and Nicole and me that are still waiting for our furever homes.

A lot has changed but all for the better, I met my new best friend Paddy and moved into his garden. We have tons of fun together and play all the time! At first I thought my food would magically disappear so I ate really fast and tried to steal Paddy’s food as well but he taught me some manners and my caregivers gave me some really fun toys to help me eat my food slower, now I know I will always get my own bowl and I can take my time. I love learning new tricks and making people smile, it’s all so easy for me as I seem to learn really fast and will do anything to get a yummy treat! I also learned that playing with toys is really fun and makes people very happy when they throw them and I bring them back, I can even find my lead in the bushes and do a mini agility course all by myself! Even though I am a bit bigger now I still love to lie on anyone’s lap and give them kisses on their ears! I am full of love and my biggest dream is to share all of it with a family of my own. I have learned a lot of great skills during my journey and have had the best start in life, I know I would make the perfect new family member and get along with anyone introduced to me, I love making new friends. So if you are looking for the perfect new addition you know where to find me, patiently waiting.

By Tayla,


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