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Picasso at Montego Town

IMG_1398This handsome boy, Picasso, moved to my care in Montego Town about a month ago. He really is such a lovely, friendly boy with lots of energy. He is such a nice boy but he has a bad habit of jumping up on people when he gets too over excited. So this is definitely something something that needed to be worked on because it is very difficult to find a home for a dog who jumps up on people the whole time.

I have been working on this issue for the last few weeks and if you look at him now, he is so much better than he was when he first moved to my care. I can now go into his garden and he doesnt jump up at all.

Basically what I did, was to ask him for a “SIT” (followed by a treat and lots of praise) every time I entered his garden. That worked well and I got to the point where I could give him a ball as a reward instead of a treat, purely because he is so ball driven! So now as I walk in, I ask him for a sit and his reward is the ball which gets thrown for him. He looooves it 🙂

In no time, he will be at a point where volunteers can go in and work with him because his jumping up will be a thing of the past.

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By Thandi – Caregiver