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DSC_4315Hi, readers I hope you are enjoying the winter and keeping warm and snuggly. So, many things have happened in this month so I thought it would be a good idea to write a story and gossip a bit ha-ha.

My one true love Liddie has found her forever home, her brother Arthur was adopted from Dogtown a year ago and now his family decided to adopt Liddie, reuniting brother and sister. I was very happy for my love Liddie but deep down I was shattered, losing the love of my life.

My caregiver tried to find me a new girly friend but I was not interested, all I wanted was my love Liddie. Anyway, on a nice and sunny day my caregiver took me for a walk and told me that they have found the perfect match for me… I rolled my eyes and I thought she was really just wasting my time BUT THEN…..OH WOW…!! I saw an Angel sent from heaven, she totally swept me off my paws.

20c78089-42ba-40da-9600-3eba7f0f6ed9At first, I was so shocked that I stumbled over my words and nothing I said made sense. I even forgot to introduce myself and couldn’t remember my first name for second ha-ha. I finally got myself together and properly introduced myself to her, she introduced herself as the one and only Princess Hannah. I really acted like a real Goofball around her, she was such a lady and only giggled when I was being Goofy. After our walk they took her away and I really hoped that I would see her again. That night I didn’t sleep, I felt butterflies in my tummy and couldn’t get her out of my head.

The next morning, they gave me the good news that Hannah is my new roomie. I am the happiest man alive, I got my groove and moves back. So, if you consider to adopt beautiful Hannah please adopt me too…

Lots of licks and kisses.