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Puppy Palooza

It’s been a Puppypalooza this past month at Dogtown!
As a rescue centre that focuses on rehabilitation we don’t have poopies very often as we seem to end up with dogs once people have messed them up during their poopy period. Or just adorable adult dogs that people no longer want. So it’s been a nice change for us and very gratifying to know we are laying down a nice solid foundation for their future families.


Watch out poopies about
Along with the escapades of Jamey’s family of 10. Lil Lawrence was no stranger to keeping the team busy with his poopy antics. A lot of responsibility comes with raising pooplets after all, what you teach them in their poopy years will be the foundation of their learning. But some serious cuteness makes it all that much more easier.

Lil Lawrence

With this in mind we are calling on 11 very special volunteers to join our poopie patrol team. From next month we will require your help to socialise Jamey’s 10 little pooplets and Lil Lawrence. If you can give us an hour every Saturday for 8 weeks please email volunteer@dogtownsa.org and a puppy will be allocated to you to train at Dogtown every Saturday over the following 8 weeks.

This socialising is very important for their learning and growth so it’s important that you can commit for 8 weeks. Become a part of the Dogtown pooplet patrol and save lives.

Who’s with us?