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Every month we all write little stories about the awesome dogs in our care. We write about their achievements, how they overcome their challenges, how they grow within themselves and how they become the dogs we know they could be. We write about how far they have come and we write about their happy endings when they get adopted into loving homes. But this month I want to write about something else, I want to write about a different kind of awesome, a different kind of success story …. and that is the story of Mcgini.

20160416_135733In March 2013, a young man called Mcgini joined the Dogtown team. He was young and eager to make something of himself. To be fair there were some challenges, the language barrier being the biggest of them all. He did not have any formal experience in working with dogs or in doggy behaviour, but there was just something about him. A special kindness in his face, a softness in his eyes.

Slowly but surely he worked his way up the ladder and last month, the once shy, quiet, inexperienced water-boy was promoted to Caregiver and given his very own section to run! He was literally bursting with pride the day he was told about his new title. If anybody deserves this amazing opportunity, it is Mcgini. Irrespective of challenges he had to overcome he never stopped learning, never stopped trying, never stopped bettering himself, never stops smiling, never stopped growing or working on his skills. He very proudly walks around with his clicker and his treat bag everyday, always ready to work on a training session and help the dogs in his care. I am very proud to say that I get to work alongside this amazing young man on a daily basis. He makes a difference in the lives of our amazing dogs every single day!
Like the late Nelson Mandela once said,  “It is not where you start but how high you aim, that matters for success”.

By Wilmi, Caregiver

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