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nitroHi peeps Nitro here, – the original Dogtown Nitro that is! As the longest resident here in the rehabilitation section, I’ve been honoured with the title of “Dogfather of Rehab ” to all the furries here and they look to me for guidance and direction in how to understand and please ( and sometimes manipulate) our wonderful caregivers. Today I want to tell you all about a most exciting adventure that we are about to embark on. You see the rehabilitation section has the privilege of being the first section that will be relocating to our new forever home in the mountains near to Hartebespoort. In fact ten of our clan have already moved to our new home. Rumour has it, and I have this from a very reliable source (see Mr G I did mention you as I promised), that when complete we will all have 300 sq. metre garden runs. Wow ain’t that something? Now if that isn’t awesome enough, we are also getting our own exclusive play area where our caregivers will be able to take as long as necessary to teach us to be the bestest furries in the land. I know it’s rude to keep on bragging but what the heck, we will also have the most exciting walking trails up, down and around the mountain where we will be able to learn all the correct behaviours needed when out walking. My ten cadres have reported back that there is so much to do on the walks that they are quite exhausted by the time they get back. They then have these lovely tree shaded gardens in which to just chill out and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. A new etiquette we are going to have to learn is the correct behaviour and how to be polite when we come across some of the many other inhabitants of our mountain, that is all the rabbits, buck and many other little creatures that we have never come across living in the city. Well peeps I hope this has wet your appetite to come and visit and volunteer at our new forever home when we are up and running. Oh yes I nearly forgot there will also be a little shop where you can buy (and support us) cold drinks and all the necessary energy bars that you will require to keep up your stamina when cavorting with us up and down the mountain.