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Rescue 911

It’s been a month of medical mayhem here at Dogtown and we’re only half way through. We actually can’t believe just how many of the dogs in our care needed veterinary care the past few weeks. From Bee stings to emergency operations we’ve had it all. There were so many vet visits it felt like we were researching for a medical journal. So we have to come to you with our hand in hat to help us with our scary vet bills. Our vet bills are one of the biggest expenses here at Dogtown  every month as it’s a vital part of the top care we provide for our wonderful dogs. We realise that is the case and normally budget accordingly but with Tiagos emergency and our fight to save Tiara our vet funds have been completely wiped out and we are sitting with these huge bills still to pay.

Of course its not the best time of the year to find ourselves in this predicament either.

I often hear people say things like, stop wasting money on these “rubbish dogs” and every time I hear it my heart breaks. Our beautiful dogs did not choose this life. Selfish humans have caused them to end up in a shelter, thrown away like last weeks rubbish. Fortunately we can show these beautiful souls, that not all humans suck. Some of us love them and we will work every minute to show them love and care with our Townies help .

We don’t just want to save them, we want to enrich their lives and make their life better than could ever dream of. With the final cherry on top being a loving forever home of their own.

Just because they have been tossed aside does not mean their lives do not matter.

Here’s a little breakdown of the medical madness we’ve endured the past few weeks. Hold on to your seats it’s a bumpy ride

Chance had a follow up after having growths removed.

Snowy had developed cancer growths and had to have then removed.

Tiara continued her vet check ups on her recovery and we are happy to report she is putting weight on and we have her diabetes under control, now we just need to monitor her recovery and give her the support she needs along the way. She is living with our caregiver Tersha and has got quite used to creature comforts of Tershas house.

Tiago was our over achiever this month after blood tests, scans, xrays and sonars we just couldn’t find why he didnt want to eat and was uncomfortable. The doctors eventuallt decided to open him up and see if they could discover what was causing the mystery illness. Now we know this cheeky boy has the tendency to eat inappropriate things so we never leave him unattended with toys but somehow he manged to find the head of a chicken toy and it was causing an obstruction. We can only guess a dog had maybe buried it in the garden and Tiago being the scavenger he is discovered the hidden treasure. We are relieved to say after the operation he is making a full recovery. Not without adding grey hairs to us all and a serious dent in our bank account.

Scarlett, Jacques and Dusty all had to have emergency dentals 🙁

Clarke became a part of our family when we had to take in an emergency case from another rescue where our expertise was vital in helping this boy overcome his fears. As with every dog that comes into Dogtown he headed off to the vet to be steried, vaccinated and chipped. So we can begin his rehabilitation with the medical yucky stuff behind us.

Cassidy one of the beautiful strays we picked up last month was struggling with her back end, so we had to see how we could help her and after seeing our super hero dr Garry it was discovered her vertabrae is fused and we are trying her with medication at the moment to see if this is a condition we can manage pain for her.

Michael headed off to the eye hospital as he had inflammation

Medusa and Tyson only went and played silly billys with bees and got themselves some nice bee stings for their trouble and looked like their faces were balloons 🙁

Sadie decided to give herself an unsupervised manicure and manged to pull her nail out

2 new little strays Lillian and Sierra arrived at Dogtown so they headed off for their usual stray check up

Molly got an infection on her paws

Both Zeus and Gabby had to have growths removed and the growths have been sent away for testing.

As a side note 53 of our dogs have to be treated with bravecto for ticks and fleas as they are fearful and dipping them is both stressful for them and could cause them to have set backs in their trust issues. This is a ridiculous expense we have to cover every 3 months but we cannot afford for our dogs to get billiary.

So as you can see we have had a doozy of a month so far. Some of the visits are check ups on previous illnesses. Some are continued chronic care but all of them a necessary for our dogs well being.

If you are one of the lucky few who may still have money at this time of the month. Please can we plead with you to part with some of your hard earned cash and help us get ourselves out of this medical dilemma. Our beautiful dogs deserve to be happy and healthy. They deserve to receive unconditional love and be given a new lease on life. We get to save and care for these awesome furkids thanks to each and everyone of you.

We hope we never have a medical month like this again, its stressful and soul destroying, looking into each of their eyes and knowing they need us to find a way.

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