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IMG_2775Weelll hold on to your hats cos here comes Robbieeeeeee   Now I would love to say “YES” it is the one and only Robbie Williams but alas not this time.   But peeps never fear, even though I do not have his amazing voice and as many mansions around the world as he has, I have as much status and charisma as you could ever want to find on four legs.   I am extremely chuffed to have been called Robbie because since I landed in Gauteng and came to live at Dogtown I can also brag that just like the pop star I am getting “5 star treatment “ that is usually only reserved for rich and the famous !!!   So on that note let me tell you more about me and my life changing experiences and I think you will agree – I am one of the luckiest furkids on the block!!!!!   On 23 December last year, I was flown from Cape Town to O R Tambo in a rather large crate and had absolutely no idea what was happening to me or where I was going.   To my utter surprise and total relief when I landed, I was greeted by just about the bestest person ever and she drove me in a very snazzy car (not quite a limo but nearly) to this great “PAD” called DogtownSA.    When she opened up the door again me having no idea what to expect – suddenly I heard these very kind voices saying “Ahh isn’t he handsome and look at those big ears and that beeaautiful face.   I was so taken aback because these people were so warm and friendly and had lots of really yummy food for me to nibble on and as I nibbled and followed these tasty treats I walked out of my crate into my lodgings. I was rather hungry as well as I hadn’t had much food for a while. Inside there was a huge igloo and lots of blankets on the ground and toys for me to play with.   Now I call this first class treatment that only super stars would get and I was the one getting it – yipeeeeeee.

It was so different from my previous home – I really thought I was having a dream and it was going to end.  But no – this was the start of my new life and my dream was real.   So I settled in and the very next day I was given a tasty breakfast and people were coming by and talking to me and giving me more treats and chews and my new neighbor told me about people coming in often to spend time with him and during the day lots of other furkids were walking passed on leads and then coming back with lots of great stories to tell.   At first I thought he might be making this up cos I was still expecting something to change and I would be back in my old place. Then the very next day my carer, who had talked to me a great deal already, came into my run and put a harness on me and – wait for it – yes she took me out and we went for a walk.   This was magic.   I was allowed to walk and stop and sniff shrubs and chew leaves off trees and we went a long way.   We even stopped along the trail and if I put my bum on the ground I got another treat!   Was this truly happening to me?   I was so happy.   One of my problems as well had been that my face was very sore when I arrived and she put on some cream before we went and it really helped. I heard her say it was sun cream and it was necessary because the hot weather had been burning my white face and ears and this was to stop it happening and help heal the parts that were so sensitive and sore. I actually get this put on every day and my face is sooo much better already.   You see star treatment again!!   Then the next luxury was a bath. She brought a big shell into the run and filled it with warm water and then slowly poured this lovely warm water all over my body and rubbed some nice stuff on me, then rinsed it off and afterwards I was cuddled and dried off with a huge big towel and then taken for one of my walks.

So now I really do have to brag cos I go out every day with my sun cream on and just have the best time ever.   Treats are also included and the quicker my bum goes down when we stop the more I get hehehe!! Now without sounding selfish I do have one dream left and that is to have my own forever home where I can continue with my awesome lifestyle and in return I will give my new owners all the love and attention I could possibly muster.   SOOO to end off using the title of one of Robbie Williams greatest hits “Let me entertain you” and I promise to make you very proud of me and be your forever special furry.

By Joanna, Trainer