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Rome wasn’t built in a day – Sam & Macy

Hi Readers, I am sure you have all heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. But, unfortunately because of the era we live in everything needs to happen so quickly and I think sometimes we forget to stop, slow down and breath. I want to tell you guys about 2 unique dogs called Sam and Macey, the kind of dogs that teaches you to stop, slow down and breath…


Sam and Macey came to Dogtown completely feral and scared of people, I would go so far and say they were horrified of people. It took us months for them to be relatively calm when people entered their garden but we showed them that they can trust us.

For a long time, I just threw yummy treats towards them to eat as they were too scared to come close to me and get it, but I was patient. Every day I saw progress, Sam and Macey slowly moving closer to me and occasionally I got a tail wag from Sam. Working with feral dogs you need to have PATIENCE <3.

One of my favorite quotes states that patience is not about doing nothing but patience is about constantly doing everything you can but being patient about the results. Feral dogs cannot be forced to do things they don’t feel comfortable with, you need to work at their phase and give them enough space and time to trust. For Sam and Macey, the road to fully trusting people again is still long, they have overcome so many fears these couple of months and I see a change every day.


When I enter their garden now they wag their tails wildly and cannot wait for me to sit down so they can get treats from my hands. Macey started relaxing next to me when I am in their garden and Sam cannot wait for me to sit down so he can show we all his toys.

So, how can volunteers help? All we need is a bit of your time, sitting with the feral dogs and giving them a yummy treat now and then so they can learn to trust everybody that enter their garden. At Dogtown there are numerous activities that you can enjoy with the dogs like walking, playing, grooming the fluffy ones and taking them to the play areas. But, maybe you just like to sit with dogs and enjoy their company, then you need to come and visit Sam, Macey and all the other dogs that need to learn to trust people.

Make a difference today and give us a bit of your time, let the dogs teach you how to stop, slow down and breath again.

Ciao for now.

By Caregiver,