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Ronel, the dog from another planet

IMG_6541We all know how the saying goes: “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” but let me tell you…. Ronel is definitely from the planet Pluto!

I have tremendous joy, watching her each day. It’s as if she was sent from Pluto to earth to come and experience how life as an “alien dog” will be on planet earth.

Ronel lives in the here, and now, she lives for the moment. She is the happiest dog I’ve ever seen in a shelter. She has an innocence about her, and she accepts what she can not change. The section where she was in before coming to my section, was more enclosed, with three sides of precast walls and only the front to see out. The moment she stepped foot in her run where she is now, it was as if the Mothership from Pluto dropped her off and gave her mission: “Explore, enjoy and report back!”

And that is exactly what she is doing every day for the past few months. Like a spring, she bounces around all day long, wanting to play with her “alien” neighbours. Ronel acted every day as if she had won the lotto!

IMG_1469She discovered a battered tennis ball, and for her, it was the most significant treasure someone could ever find. She looked at it, head turning in all directions, and when it rolls away, the expressions playing out on her face was out of this world! She is the only dog in my section which has so many facial expression playing out on her face: some serious, some suspicious, some curious and many more. I don’t do her justice because I can’t find the words to describe this extraordinary, smiling, happy & bouncy dog from another planet.

One day it was raining badly. I was afraid for her because of her unpleasant past, living alone in a veld. I did my round to see if all the dogs were ok, and then I saw Ronel….

With a BIG smile on her face, she was running and bouncing and playing around in the rain!! Her facial expressions were something to experience.I will ALWAYS have that picture of her that day in my head.

IMG_4009We decided to get her a friend, and o, my goodness, the moment Xavi entered her run, Ronel started “exploring” this toy that is alive! Her body language and the looks she gave me that day……. PRICELESS!! Here is this beautiful dog from Pluto…………. sniffing, nibbling, looking and following Xavi everywhere, bouncing after her where she went.

And this is how Ronel is every day. She also gives the most wonderful warm wet kisses and acted every day as if it is the first time she kissed you and looked at you after the kiss as if asking you: “What just happened!”, then bounces off to explore her garden – again……. as if it’s the first time she did it!

IMG_4010Her presence in my section has been a pure blessing. She fills our days with joy. Never did I think I would be glad that someone didn’t want a dog (it sounds terrible, I know!), but the sadness turned into joy, and that joy is ours……. for the moment, and if you are willing to give this beautiful “alien” dog a forever home, this joy could be yours!

I think if I asked Ronel what she wants for Christmas, her answer would be: “Don’t send me back to Pluto!”

By Susan,


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